Willkommen – Naturheilkunde – Homöopathie

Welcome, English Speakers

I see us human beings as pieces of art, woven of a sheer infinite amount of impulses that manifest as mind and sensation in the gestalt of bodies.

It takes some maintenance and balancing to keep these complex systems working optimally. It can be a challenge in today’s world – there is so much to do and so much to achieve that our true needs often miss out.
If this happens too often, our system loses the ability to compensate properly and we find ourselves tensed, stressed, or even ill.

However, even though it sometimes appears as if we have moved a long way off nature, the wisdom of our body mind system is still natural, meaning, it is an interconnected part of nature, and as such naturally tries to find balance.
With its symptoms the body always points us to where there is a lack, where there is an overflow, where there is a blockage or where there might simply a little rerouting necessary.

We merely have to learn to read and trust the clues again.

This is where I come into play.

Together with you I embark on the search for these clues and their traces – which can lead us to the origins of the imbalance.
Within the realms of your individual inclinations and possibilities I accompany you
– in identifying, reducing and resolving the hindrances that stand in the way of your wellbeing,
– in realizing your self-actualization, and
– on your way to becoming a truly happy human being.

The methods I use and cherish are:

IFS Internal Family Systems Therapy
EMDR Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing

Meditation, yoga and breathing

Supplements like amino acids, vitamins etc.
Massage therapy
Craniosacral osteopathy
Dietary changes – so food becomes not only fun but also curative nutrition
Ear acupuncture

If you have questions, and to make an appointment, you can reach me by sending an email to babette.haemmerle@gmail.com

Thank you for visiting!