IFS – Internal Family Systems (Engl.)

IFS stands for Internal Family Systems and is a psychotherapy and coaching method that understands the human being as a dynamic system.

As a part work, it connects through the body with internal parts / aspects of the personality and offers their needs a safe space in which they are seen and valued in their history, task and intent.
Overwhelmed, traumatized and overburdened parts receive help and support without over-flooding the rest of the system.
Step by step, this enables relief, relaxation and freedom.

All of this happens within the client’s system.
In IFS, the therapist or coach is a companion who keeps the space and provides openness, compassion and creativity where the client’s system is not yet capable to do so on its own.

IFS is a trauma therapy and in a broader sense also a body psychotherapy.

IFS shows excellent results with:
– complex post-traumatic stress disorder
– birth trauma (pre-, peri- and postnatal)
– developmental trauma
– conflicts due to the experiences of loss and abandonment
– feelings of isolation
– eating disorders and other addictions
– depression, depressive disorders
– anxiety, anxious disorders
– procrastination and work addiction
– chronic pain
– all sorts of psychosomatic complaints
– The Dark Night and other phenomena / adverse reactions caused by meditation or similar otherwise induced experiences

As a coaching method, IFS is also ideal for online sessions.