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Meditation / Yoga – Coaching and Training (Engl.)

Coaching in meditation and central Dharma concepts

The main method I am trained in uses Samatha-Vipassana technologies.

Samatha means ‚peaceful abiding‘ and Vipassana ‚clearly distinguished perceiving‘ or ‚insight‘.

Samatha trains the mind to cultivate joy, serenity and equanimity through stabilized attention and mindfulness.

It provides a smooth basis for Vipassana, the exploration of deeper layers of phenomena, which, for instance, can have as a blossom the insight that everything is constantly changing, and that there is no such thing as permanence at the level of the sensory experience, which, ultimately, and including the mind as a sixth sense, is any experience. This can lead further to the insight that this changing of phenomena cannot be controlled and that, really, there is no such thing as a separate self in control of its experience – and that instead, that which appears as a distinct entity in the world, is also an interconnected, interdependent and forever changing part of the whole.

If this is not only understood intellectually but also processed deeply and repeatedly on the experiential level, it can result in profound liberation.
Very practically this means that for example emotions can be perceived as less stressful and yet richer and more enjoyable, pain as less solidified and less threatening, and that the body-mind is generally more adaptable and resilient in all kinds of situations, and contented and happy fairly independently of circumstances – just to name a few.

Many other wonderful techniques such as walking meditation or the Brahma Viharas, which also train attention, awareness, generosity and kindness, serve to support the development of deeper satisfaction with the simple things of life and a general equilibrium and joy in regard to all things being human.

Next to TMI I am very fond of and resonant with Daniel Ingram’s MCTB, and familiar with Shinzen Young’s Unified Mindfulness, Tummo, Mahamudra, Advaita Vedanta, and, generally, the more goal-oriented pursuit of deep liberation / non-dual perception.

I do one-on-one sessions via Zoom.

Please note:
The practice of meditation can be associated with side effects.
In such cases it is very important to get prompt support from appropriately trained coaches, teachers, doctors and / or psychotherapists.

A balance in the development of
– intellectual understanding (study),
– integrity (ethical principles and their implementation in daily life),
– mental-hygiene,
– body awareness,
– concentration, mindfulness and insight
is highly recommended.