Willkommen – Naturheilkunde – Homöopathie


I am trained in IFS, EMDR, Pragmatic Trauma Therapy, TMI, Vinyasa Yoga, Craniosacral Therapy, Trauma-Sensitive Bodywork and several other naturopathic methods, and currently exploring SE.
I am a lover of inquiry, a pragmatic insight meditator at the core, a sky dancer at heart and a retired psychonaut with an inborn inclination towards the imaginal.
I am a fool who is devoted to venturing into the unknown with copious amounts of love, humor and creativity.
I am with a passionate vocation for supporting the transformation of pains and blockages of all kinds – and to reveal and cherish the pristine beauty that resides in everyone’s heart of hearts.
I am adept in meaning making and making sense.
I am a professional who vows to navigate all territory with equal integrity and grace.